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Booking and Definitions


To book your event you can contact us by phone (306 591 6145) or email (video35@mail.com). A deposit of 25% of the total will be required to hold the date.


"CinemaStyle" Camera Setup- We add an adapter to the camera which allows the use of 35mm photography lens to be used. This creates a cinema feel due to the image qualities it produces. This setup requires more from the videographer with the additional weight and as the focusing becomes manual. The results are beautiful!
see 'Receiving Line' for a great example!

Highlight Edit- Here we take the key and special moments and edit them together in a shorter version. This edit is great for sharing with friends and family.

Colour correction- These are applied in the editing stage of producing your video. They can enhance the look and feel of the video. Examples: a vintage look, warm look, special titles, etc..

'Basic' vs 'Deluxe' Edit - The Deluxe edit adds motion titles and special transitions to your video.
see "Receiving Line" and "Trailer" for motion titles examples.

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